Legend 7

The last and most plausible legend

The most plausible one is based on historical facts. In 1142, Godefroid III, duke from Lotharingie, was born. Unfortunately, his father, Godefroid II, passed away soon after his birth. Two vassals, Gauthier Berthout and his brother Gérard de Grimbergen, took advantage of the situation to fight over their new born liege lord. The Gaasbeek sire asked for the presence of the young duke on the battlefield. Then the crib was hung from a oak tree’s branch, in Ransbeek. The baby’s army was four times driven back, at this point they seemed to have lost the fight… But they were suddenly galvanized, watching the baby peacefully doing the famous act! To commemorate the victory, a fountain was erected in Brussels, and it was called Manneken-Pis. Moreover, the oak tree was uprooted and replanted at the Rue du Chêne (meaning oak in French).

Mannenken-Pis and family?  Even if Manneken-pis is an original, he has some ‘brothers’, in Grammont, in Kobe, in Spain, in Osaka, in Colmar, and he also has a sister: Jeanneke-Pis, located in Brussels, in the impasse de la Fidélité. Yep, Brussels has a lot of peeing statues…