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Legend 7

The last and most plausible legend The most plausible one is based on historical facts. In 1142, Godefroid III, duke from Lotharingie, was born. Unfortunately, his father, Godefroid II, passed away soon after his birth. Two vassals, Gauthier Berthout and his brother Gérard de Grimbergen, took advantage of the situation to fight over their new…
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Legend 6

The sixth goes back to the 8th century. A lord's wife gave birth to a baby who peed so high that he spattered the beard of Vindicien, an Arras bishop. The kid was named Manneken-Pis. Soon after, Vindicien passed away. There was a problem: where to organize the baptism and who would officiate it? A woman called Gudule would bless this baby. But…
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Legend 5

The fifth tells the story of a Bourgeois child who lost himself in the crowd. His father searched frantically for him in the Brussels streets... After five days, he saw his son relieving himself at the corner of rue de l'Etuve and rue du Chêne streets. The Bourgeois was so happy and decided to erect a statue…
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Legend 4

The fourth one is mischievous and goes back to the Crusades. The count from Hove lived in Brussels with his wife and son Godefroid. The count steadily hosted his glorious combatants. Once, he asked his 5 year old son, a resourceful kid, to walk in front of the troops for welcoming the combatants. But the resourceful…
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